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  • 2/16/2017

    Available February 28th from Warner Bros., Fuller House: The Complete First Season brings laughter and plenty of hugs back to San Francisco where it all started!  Widowed mother of three , D.J. Tanner-Fuller (Candace Cameron Bure) welcomes sister Stephanie (Jodie Sweetin) and best friend Kimmy Gibbler (Andrea Barber) along with her own daughter to move in to help raise her young boys.  Joined by appearances from other familiar faces, the debut season of the popular revival series packs the saccharine heart and family friendly comedy fans have come to expect.  Have mercy and click below for our advanced DVD review now!


  • 2/15/2017

    Available now from Warner Archive, The Yakuza (1974) stars Robert Mitchum (The Night of the Hunter) as former private eye Harry Kilmer who travels to Japan to rescue the kidnapped daughter of a friend whose ties to a powerful crime boss have spoiled.  Engaged in the dangerous mobster underworld, honor and life are tested by Kilmer and his allies in their pursuit for justice.  Click below for our Blu-ray review of this neo-noir now!


  • 2/14/2017

    Available now from KL Studio Classics, No Highway in the Sky (1951) stars the legendary James Stewart (Rear Window) as a bookish scientist with an unproven theory that insists England's Reindeer planes are doomed to fail.  Pitting his life and career on the line, high-flying levels of suspense spiral out of control to determine the validity of his claims.  Click below for our Blu-ray review of this aviation feature from Director Henry Koster (Harvey).

  • 2/13/2017

    Available February 14th from Universal Studios Home Entertainment, The Edge of Seventeen (2016) delivers coming-of-age feels when awkward teen Nadine (Hailee Steinfeld, Pitch Perfect 2) struggles with her best friend and popular older brother's new romance.  Carving a new cinematic chapter out of the pains of growing up, click below for our advanced Blu-ray review of this funny and familiar tale now!


  • 2/2/2017

    Available now from Mill Creek Entertainment, Band of the Hand (1986) brings 80s decadence and the criminal underworld together as five felons turned anti-heroes aim to take Miami back from the streets. Executive produced by Michael Mann (Miami Vice), click below for our Blu-ray review of this overlooked teenage crime thriller, helmed by Paul Michael Glaser (The Running Man).

  • 2/1/2017

    Available now from KL Studio Classics, Scavenger Hunt (1979) brings the wild and hilarious together for a winner-takes-all pot of $200 million!  When a wealthy game maker's will instructs his would-be heirs to compete for his entire estate, the ensemble cast of talent from Richard Benjamin (Westworld), Cloris Leachman (The Last Picture Show), Roddy McDowall (Fright Night), Tony Randall (The Odd Couple) and countless others race to recover all the required oddball items throughout The Golden State.  Click below for our Blu-ray review of this rat racing comedy now!


  • 1/31/2017

    Available February 7th from Severin Films, Wild Beasts (1984) finds a zoo of drug-crazed animals making the population of the city their new prey.  Featuring familiar faces from other Italian gore features and ranking highly amongst other animals gone wild shockers, click below for our advanced Blu-ray review now!

  • 1/30/2017

    Available January 31st from Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment, Pinocchio (1940) Signature Collection returns to Blu-ray for a new generation of dreamers!  Hailed as one of animation's finest features and arriving with both new and classic bonus features, wish upon a star and click below for our advanced Blu-ray review of this Disney masterpiece now!

  • 1/26/2017

    Available January 31st from Lionsgate as part of their Vestron Video Collector's Series, Parents (1989) are the new name in cannibalistic terror!  Starring Randy Quaid (Kingpin) and Mary Beth Hurt (The World According to Garp) as the All-American mother and father to ten-year-old outcast Michael who grows suspicious of his family's endless supply of meat.  Click below for our advanced Blu-ray review of Bob Balaban's (My Boyfriend's Back) directorial debut now!

  • 1/25/2017

    Available January 31st from Lionsgate as part of their Vestron Video Collector's Series, The Lair of the White Worm (1988) combines the gothic seduction of Bram Stoker with auteur Ken Russell's (The Devils) penchant for the erotic and peculiar. Returning to his English castle, James D'Ampton (Hugh Grant, Love Actually) quickly learns his ancestor's history of slaying a legendary white worm proves true when his girlfriend vanishes.  Teaming up with an intelligent archaeology student, the duo must travel to the beast's foreboding lair while, combatting the seductive Lady Sylvia (Amanda Donohoe, Liar Liar) in order to save the day.  Click below for our advanced Blu-ray review of this surreal feature!

  • 1/24/2017

    Available January 31st from Scream Factory, Poltergeist II: The Other Side (1986) and Poltergeist III (1988) Collector's Editions return to high-definition with new 2K scans and a haunting stockpile of bonus features!  Following the events of the original classic, the apparitions of the netherworld are back, chasing the Freeling family and their clairvoyant daughter Carol Anne from the comfort of the suburbs to the high-rises of Chicago.  Click below for our advanced Blu-ray coverage of these long unsung sequels now!


  • 1/23/2017

    Available January 31st from Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment, Queen of Katwe (2016) retells the incredible true story of teenage chess prodigy Phiona Mutesi (Madina Nalwanga in her film debut) who rose from the slums of Uganda to become a world champion in the skillful sport.  Brought to life under the gorgeous direction of Mira Nair (Monsoon Wedding, The Namesake), click below for our advanced Blu-ray review of this inspirational tale now!

  • 1/20/2017

    Available now from KL Studio Classics, The Internecine Project (1974) combines thrills and espionage when former secret agent Professor Robert Elliot (James Coburn, The Great Escape) is selected to advise the President of the United States.  In order to ensure his future, Elliot masterminds a plan to eliminate several individuals with damaging information on his dark past.  Co-scripted and produced by Barry Levinson (Who?), click below for our Blu-ray review now!

  • 1/19/2017

    Available January 24th from Warner Archive, Wait Until Dark (1967) stars Academy Award winner Audrey Hepburn (Roman Holiday) as a blind woman terrorized by a trio of thugs in search of a heroin-stuffed doll.  Costarring Alan Arkin (Little Miss Sunshine) and Richard Creena (First Blood), click below for our advanced Blu-ray review of this taut thriller, helmed by Terence Young (Dr. No).  

  • 1/18/2017

    Available now from KL Studio Classics, Who? (1975) centers on FBI agent Steve Rogers (Elliot Gould, The Long Goodbye) tasked with determining whether a prized American scientist, now a robotic-hybrid of his former self, is in fact who he claims to be. Suspicious of Russian forces at play, Rogers remains cautiously guarded investigating if the roboman is friend or foe.  Marking its Blu-ray debut, click below for our coverage now!

  • 1/17/2017

    Available now from Warner Archive, Bad Day at Black Rock (1955) stars Spencer Tracy (Inherit the Wind) as WWII veteran John J. Macreedy whose presence in a sleepy desert community is met with resistance and suspicion of the locals, led by Remo Smith (Robert Ryan, The Set-Up).  In search of a man in a town unkind to strangers, Macreedy's investigation reveals a deadly secret harbored by the men of Black Rock.  Click below for our Blu-ray review of this suspenseful drama!


  • 1/16/2017

    Available now from KL Studio Classics, Loophole (1981) finds career criminal Mike Daniels (Albert Finney, Big Fish) and down on his luck architect Stephen Booker (Martin Sheen, Apocalypse Now) forging an unlikely partnership for an ambitious bank heist.  Based on the novel by Robert Pollack, click below for our Blu-ray review of this crime thriller!

  • 1/11/2017

    Available now from KL Studio Classics, Stryker (1983) puts its pedal to the metal for post-apocalyptic brutality!  Set in a barren wasteland where water is scarce and treasured, the location of a secret spring pits the evil Kardis and his henchmen against the fearless warrior known as Stryker who's determined to protect it for all struggling survivors.  From Roger Corman's New World Pictures, click below for our Blu-ray review now!


  • 1/10/2017

    As Disney's latest animated spectacle continues to make a splash at the box-office, we present a very special spotlight on a series of Moana based books! Available now from Disney Press and Disney Editions respectively, ride the waves with our coverage on The Story of Moana: A Tale of Courage and Adventure by Kari SutherlandArt of Coloring Moana: 100 Images to Inspire CreativityRead-Along Storybook and CDMoana by Bill Scollon and Moana and the Ocean by Heather Knowles by clicking below!

  • 1/9/2017

    Available now from 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment, Morgan (2016) finds the creation of a genetically engineered human going wrong, forcing her creators to determine whether their research or lives matter more.  Produced by Ridley Scott (AlienBlade Runner), click below for our Blu-ray review of this sci-fi thriller!

  • 1/5/2017

    Available now from Traditionz Entertainment, The Martial Arts Kid (2015) finds disgruntled youth Robbie Oakes (Jansen Panettiere, The Perfect Game) struggling to fit in his new Floridian setting and making enemies with an intimidating bully.  Determined to stand up for himself through his uncle's martial arts training, Robbie learns valuable life lessons and the ability to face his abuser.  Also starring Don “The Dragon” Wilson (Bloodfist), Cynthia Rothrock (China O’Brien) and Kathryn Newton (Paranormal Activity 4), click below for our DVD review now!


  • 1/4/2017

    Available now exclusively from Vinegar Syndrome in a limited 3,000 unit edition, The Undertaker (1988) makes its Blu-ray debut after three decades of near extinction.  Starring cult icon Joe Spinnell (Maniac) as a crazed mortician with a body collecting habit, this violent slice of slasher cinema has been newly restored in 2K!  Click below for our Blu-ray review of this rarely seen shocker!

  • 1/3/2017

    Available now from Universal Studios Home Entertainment, Snowden (2016) details the controversial true story of Edward Snowden (Joseph Gordon-Levitt, The Walk) who exposed the NSA's illegal surveillance on citizens and the fallout of his decision.  Click below for our Blu-ray review of Oliver Stone's (Born on the Fourth of JulyWorld Trade Center) latest political thriller!


  • 1/2/2017

    Available now from Abrams, The Art of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story by Josh Kushins explores the conceptual development of Director Gareth Edwards' prequel through thousands of pieces of inspirational art.  Highlighting new planets, characters, droids, ships and more in Lucasfilms' first spinoff feature, Kushins' extensive text is strong with the Force.  Click below for our book review now!

  • 12/20/2016

    Available now from Lionsgate, 31 (2016) finds five abducted carnival workers forced to take part in a sadistic game for their lives.  Tasked with surviving 12 grueling hours against madmen and deranged clowns, the terrified friends must pull their resources together and defend themselves in order to see another day. Marking the latest fright feature from Director Rob Zombie (House of 1,000 CorpsesThe Devil's Rejects), click below for our Blu-ray review now!

  • 12/19/2016

    In our final update to our 2016 Holiday Gift Guide, we invite you to take a peak at our coverage on Disney XD's latest galactic series Lego Star Wars: The Freemaker Adventures: Complete Season One, available now from Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment and The Grinder: The Complete First Season starring Rob Lowe (Parks and Recreation) and Fred Savage (The Wonder Years) available now from 20th Century Fox.  Click below for our insight on these and plenty of our other favorite releases of the year!

  • 12/14/2016

    Available now from KL Studio Classics, The Park Is Mine (1985) wages war for the first time on Blu-ray! Starring Tommy Lee Jones (No Country for Old Men) as a disgruntled Vietnam veteran who plots to take over New York City's Central Park in an attempt to call attention to soldier mistreatment.  As a one man army, New York's finest and equally trained mercenaries encounter complications taking down the ex-soldier.  Graced with an electronic score by Tangerine Dream, click below for our Blu-ray review now!


  • 12/13/2016

    Available now from KL Studio Classics, Doomwatch (1972) pits a determined scientist against an island of citizens plagued by a mysterious and violent disfigurement.  Believed to be the effects of radioactive waste or punishment from God himself, Dr. Del Shaw (Ian Bannen, The Flight of the Phoenix) and local schoolteacher Victoria Brown (Judy Geeson, The Lords of Salem) must make the locals trust them before certain doom eliminates them all.  Helmed by Hammer horror veteran Peter Sasdy (Countess DraculaThe Hands of the Ripper), click below for our Blu-ray review of this environmental thriller now!

  • 12/8/2016

    Available December 13th from Kino Lorber Studio Classics, Moving Violations (1985) is a crash course in traffic hilarity!  When a group of disobedient drivers, led by lazy landscaper Dana Cannon (John Murray, Scrooged), find themselves sentenced to traffic school, their patrolman teacher and sentencing judge conspire to sell their impounded cars unless the license-less students can stop them.  Click below for our advanced Blu-ray review now!

  • 12/7/2016

    Available December 13th from Scream Factory, Black Christmas (1974) Collector's Edition will make your skin crawl in terror!  When the sorority sisters of Pi Kappa Sigma find themselves targeted by a mysterious madman, the threat of danger may be closer than they imagined.  Starring Olivia Hussey (Romeo and Juliet), Keir Dullea (2001: A Space Odyssey), Margot Kidder (The Amityville Horror) and John Saxon (A Nightmare on Elm Street), Director Bob Clark's (A Christmas Story) cult classic arrives just in time for the jolliest time of year.  Click below for our advanced Blu-ray review now!