Nostalgic Memories

  • DZ Discovery Zone

    The glory year of 1993!  Mighty Morphin Power Rangers was all the rage and the coolest place to have your birthday party was at DZ Discovery Zone.  I'll never forget the year we had my party there.  Ballpits, tunnels and a cage-like matted section that was perfect for boys to create their own Royal Rumble.  After hours of running around and getting beyond sweaty, we all packed into a seperate room for pizza and cake.  Of course, pizza served at establishments like this one and Chuck E. Cheese's probably wouldn't win many awards, but I've always had a soft spot for their taste.  My dad videotaped the momentous occassion and captured my best friend Mark attempting to blowout my birthday candles before getting yelled out by other parents.  Classic!

    Back at home, presents came next where I recall getting the official Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Fan Club package and a New York Rangers Hockey stick from a female classmate... I guess she didn't get the memo that I hated sports.  As knowledgable as I was about the latest Power Ranger toys, my parents had A Christmas Story-esque surprise after I unwrapped my "final" gift.  I was ordered to close my eyes and not open them until I was told.  When I finally removed my hands, this was sitting in front of me...

    How I let such a major playset evade me was incredible but all I knew was that this was the greatest gift a 6 year-old could have asked for!  I remember the box was placed in a Toys "R" Us bag because my parents didn't have enough wrapping paper to cover the massive box.  Wrapped or not, the magic was still the same when I held this thing in my hands.  My party at DZ Discovery Zone was the best birthday I ever had and my parents gave me a surprise I still insist was the best gift I ever received.  Sadly, DZ Discovery Zone went bankrupt in 1996 with Chuck E. Cheese's taking over most of their locations.   Last year, for my 25th birthday, my fiance actually took me to Chuck E. Cheese's for a day of pizza, arcade games and prizes in order to recapture some of that 1993 magic.  It definitely did the trick and made me revel in the fact that getting older doesn't always mean growing up.


    December 22, 2012