Reel Horror with Mike & Pete

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    Mike Kenny of Mike's Pop Culture Playhouse and Pete Macabre of Doctor Macabre's Laboratory have joined forces for REEL HORROR WITH MIKE & PETE, our new horror movie web-series!  In our debut episode, we discuss how we discovered the horror genre and our earliest film experiences.  In addition, we discuss the wealth of San-Diego Comic Con 2014 announcements including Scream Factory's exciting 10 title announcement, the trailer reveals for Husk, Horns and See No Evil 2 plus, the latest on the upcoming Godzilla sequels and the King Kong prequel, Skull Island.  Pete and Mike also discuss the upcoming Blu-ray/DVD releases for the week of Tuesday, July 29th and their favorite franchises.  All this and more so tune in for all the spooky fun!